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Local Organizations Prepare for Emergency Situations

Table Top Drill Team

Photo (l to r): Jennifer Stefaniak, Regional Asst. Coordinator, Region 3 Healthcare Coalition; Michael Bower, LPN, Clinical Supervisor/Emergency, Preparedness Coordinator, Sanilac Medical Care Facility; Chief Brett Lester, Sandusky Police Department; Steven McKenney, Sergeant, Sanilac County Drug Task Force; Colette Osborne, Safety Committee Chairperson, McKenzie Health System; Not Pictured: Todd Hillman, Sanilac County Emergency Manager and Ron DuBois Sergeant Sheriff, Sanilac County Sheriff’s Office

Sandusky, Mich. – Being prepared for emergency situations is more important than ever, particularly for public service organizations that serve the community.  With that in mind, five organizations came together recently, with the assistance of Jennifer Stefaniak, Regional Assist Coordinator with Region 3 Healthcare Coalition, to participate in a “table top drill,” outlining the steps they would take in the event of an active shooter. The Sanilac County Sheriff Department, Sandusky City Police, Sanilac County Emergency Manager, McKenzie Health System and Sanilac Medical Care Facility diagrammed plans for a local emergency situation.  There were 90 people who participated in the table top drill which was held at the Sanilac Medical Care Facility.

Preparing for a possible active shooter or violent intruder event is critical to public safety.  The hospital, medical care facility and other local community organizations have participated in staff training based on “Run, Hide, Fight”.  The next step is to “practice” for an event by doing mock drills or exercises.  Working together, these organizations are planning a full scale active shooter/violent intruder mock drill to be held in August at McKenzie Health System and the Sanilac Medical Care Facility.  To facilitate a realistic environment, the date/time of the drill will not be released to staff or the public until the morning of the drill.  On the morning of the drill, public announcements will be made via radio and social media.  Signage will be posted at the road-side and on entrance doors as well as personal notification of patients and visitors in the building at the time of the event.  The goal is to balance public notification of the upcoming mock drill so that it doesn’t create fear and anxiety while maintaining the integrity of the “practice” opportunity for staff and responders.

“We take the safety of our patients, community and staff very seriously, so while we hope we never need to use these plans, it is important that our county comes together to be prepared,” said Colette Osborne, Safety Committee Chairperson, McKenzie Health System.

As part of its overall safety efforts, McKenzie Health System regularly participates in various drills and exercises to help prepare for emergency situations.

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