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A Special Message from Joan Nagelkirk, McKenzie Health System Foundation Chair

As you know, two hours away from us, hospitals, community leaders and families are hard at work in the care of the immediate Metro Detroit community, and local hospitals such as McKenzie Health System (MHS) have been preparing for what we may experience in our area. As part of a broader statewide “stay at home” order which has been in place for weeks now, we all are aware how critical this effort to combat the spread of COVID-19 is, and how important those who stand ready to care for us are in the effort of it all. Rest assured that MHS has worked, and continues to work, diligently to assure our local hospital is in a position to provide the care needed by those in our community.

I don’t think I have ever witnessed a time where people were more appreciative of the work our hospitals and clinicians do and the risks they accept to fight for our well being.

I am also encouraged by a new and growing awareness of how resourceful a community can be to those on the front lines of care: people who’ve worked to hand-sew masks, to publicly express gratitude and words of encouragement, and many others who’ve donated what they could despite the times of economic uncertainty.

Something a friend said recently has stuck with me, “…a heroic effort is taking place, right now.”

I believe every act of generosity, kindness, and heroic medical care, is a part of the story we will tell for generations.

I am touched by the many ways our community has supported McKenzie Health System in the past—ways that have made us stronger and better able to do the care necessary today. And in the days ahead, I’m encouraged that we will find our way through this, neighbor to neighbor, infinitely more resilient for the ways we were all connected in the effort to care for our community.

In advance, on behalf of our hospital staff, the board, and the foundation, I want to thank you for being a part of this very special mission of care during this very critical time.

Warmest regards,

Joan Nagelkirk
Chair, McKenzie Health System Foundation Board

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About the McKenzie Health System Foundation

McKenzie Health System is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to patients and their families. Our team of providers and staff, as well as our relationships with other facilities and specialists, ensures comprehensive care close to home.The strategic partnerships and procedures we have formed with larger facilities assures that we are prepared to quickly get a patient where they need to be should they need more specialized care. Leading in the way that healthcare is delivered, McKenzie Health System has made a commitment to maintain local control, where rural healthcare needs are best understood.

The McKenzie Health System Foundation supports the hospital in achieving its goals through philanthropy. Your gifts ensure that McKenzie Health System continues to have the facilities, technology, resources and skilled providers to meet the needs of our region each and every day.

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