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United Healthcare Partners Welcomes New Board Members

Joan Nagelkirk 2014JPGLyons_2015Loraine Reish denton gailUnited Healthcare Partners (UHP) recently welcomed two new board members, Gail Denton and Loraine Reish.  Denton lives in Marlette and works as Finance Director of the Sanilac Intermediate School District, and Reish is a retired attorney, residing north of Pt. Sanilac.

UHP would like to thank recently retired members Meredith Lyons and Joan Nagelkirk for their years of service on its Board of Directors.  Lyons had been a board member since 2008 and Nagelkirk since 1997.  Lyons served on the Marlette Regional Hospital Board of Directors prior to the formation of UHP in 2014 , and Nagelkirk served on the McKenzie Health System Board.

Photos (l to r): Gail Denton, Loraine Reish, Meredith Lyons, Joan Nagelkirk

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