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“Project Breathe” Program Donates Pet Oxygen Masks

Front Row: Kara May with Sunny (4 year old Greyhound) and John Decker with Remmy (7 month old Shepherd)
Back Row: Patricia Schafsnitz, Director of Nursing, McKenzie Health System; Tammy Katt, EMS Manager; Connie Lietka, EMT; Korey Holland, EMT; Maranda McMaster, EMT; Ron Volmering, Paramedic; Dave Tracy, EMT; Ryan Phillips, AEMT

Helping everyone – animals included – breathe a little easier, Invisible Fence recently made a donation to Sanilac Ambulance Service and Marlette EMS of 10 sets of pet oxygen masks.  These local ambulance services provide emergency care for McKenzie Health System and Marlette Regional Hospital, affiliates of United Healthcare Partners. The Invisible Fence’s Project Breathe program is committed to saving the precious lives of pets, during hazards such as house fires.

Industry sources indicate that up to 150,000 pets die each year in fires, most from smoke inhalation, and most emergency responders lack the necessary equipment to resuscitate and save pets. Project Breathe is a pet oxygen mask donation program designed to provide oxygen mask kits to first responders.

“Everyone will breathe a little easier thanks to this generous donation from Invisible Fence. We are thrilled to add these to all of our ambulances and to help save such valuable lives,” said EMS Manager Tammy Katt.

Invisible Fence has already donated more than 10,000 oxygen masks to fire stations and emergency responders in the United States and Canada. Each kit includes a small, medium and large mask that can be placed over pets’ mouths in the case of emergency. For more information, please visit Invisible Fence (www.invisiblefence.com/why-invisible-fence/project-breathe).

“We are excited about this opportunity and the newfound ability to provide this service to the pets in our community,” added Katt.

To learn more about the emergency services at McKenzie Health System and Marlette Regional Hospital, affiliates of United Healthcare Partners, visit www.mckenziehealth.org and www.marletteregionalhospital.org.

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