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MHS Honors Employees for Years of Servce

Recently, McKenzie Health System recognized a number of employees who have dedicated many years and hours of service to the organization and community.  Each employee was recognized with a certificate noting their years of service and dedication. Colette Osborne and Lynn Fuller were presented awards for 20 years of service; and Brandy Noll, Jeffery Albert, and Lea Lentz were each presented awards for 10 years of service.

“At McKenzie Health System, we are incredibly fortunate to have so many long-term employees who are dedicated to patients, their team and our entire community, and we were delighted to honor them for their hard work, loyalty, compassion and commitment,” said Ruedisueli, Vice President of Finance. Those recognized were:

Amy Ruedisueli, Vice President of Finance (left) presents Lynn Fuller with her award for 20 years of service.

Amy Ruedisueli, Vice President of Finance (left) presents Colette Osborne with her award for 20 years of service.

20 Years of Service

·        Lynn Fuller

·        Colette Osborne

10 Years of Service

·        Jeffery Albert

·        Lea Lentz

·        Brandy Noll

5 Years of Service

·        Jessica Allen

·        Crystal Decker

·        Danielle Dral

·        Dustin Dzielinski

·        Rachelle Gentner

·        Alyssa Hohmann

·        Darleen Holmes

·        Cynthia Kraft

·        Carrie Krampits

·        Sandra Martin

·        Rhea Merriman

·        Jenifer Monzo

·        Douglas Moran

·        Kristie Ozanich

·        Bernard Spencer Jr.

·        Katherine Stafford

·        Tammy Tenbusch

·        Heather Winkler

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