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MHS Focuses on Safety with Evacuation Drill

Evac Drill-participants wbExercise prepares hospital to protect patients and staff in event of evacuation

Sandusky, Mich. – With an ongoing focus on the safety of its patients and staff, McKenzie Health System (MHS) recently completed an evacuation drill. Local fire and police assisted with the evacuation process and securing the area.

Sanilac County Career Center students participated in the Sept. 29 drill, serving as patients, visitors and family members. In addition, Sanilac Medical Care Facility and Marlette Regional Hospital acted as sites where patients could be transferred to during an evacuation. Following the drill, members of the disaster team, the County Emergency Manager and participating outside agencies provided feedback to MHS to support its efforts in the event of an emergency evacuation.

“MHS makes it a priority to stay on top of disaster drills to help prepare the organization to respond efficiently if a real event should occur. Every drill is a learning experience that helps us to improve,” said Billi Jo Hennika, Vice President of Operations, McKenzie Health System. “We truly appreciate the local fire and police teams, the Sanilac County Career Center and the other facilities that helped us with this important drill and provided valuable feedback.”

As part of its overall safety and security efforts, MHS regularly participates in various drills and exercises to help prepare staff for emergency situations.

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