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McKenzie Launches Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Programs

The McKenzie Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Team. Front row (l to r): Jennifer Anderson, RRT; Trisha Perry, RRT; Hayley Burgess, RTA. Back row (l to r): Kathleen Ross, RRT; Debbie Phillips, RT; Erin Lipka, RRT

To support those recovering from heart surgery, transplants, congestive heart failure and other serious issues, McKenzie Health System recently launched a cardiac rehabilitation program. As a complement, the hospital will also introduce a new pulmonary rehab program on November 1 to help those with chronic lung disease.

Both medically supervised programs include a focus on the “road to recovery,” including pain management, diet and exercise, stress management, medication and more. Designed to increase heart and/or lung health, the rehabilitation programs promote health and wellness, manage risk factors and tackle everyday sources of stress. They both take place at the hospital campus.

“A solid rehab program can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a patient’s recovery and overall wellness, so we are incredibly proud to offer holistic options for both cardiac and pulmonary rehab,” said Medical Director Dr. James Sams of McKenzie Health System, who is directing both programs. “These programs will help people increase their quality of life, return to work, control symptoms, and prevent future issues.”

To learn more or sign up for cardiac or pulmonary rehabilitation, please contact McKenzie Health System at 810-648-0577.

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