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Local Organizations Focus on Safety

Emergency Drill Team

Emergency Drill Team

With a focus on ensuring the safety of residents, visitors, patients and staff, five local organizations recently hosted a “full scale drill” on Aug. 23 to prepare for a serious emergency situation. The Sanilac County Sheriff Department, Sandusky City Police, Sanilac County Emergency Manager, McKenzie Health System and Sanilac Medical Care Facility were supported by staff from the Region 3 Healthcare Coalition, Jennifer Stefaniak and Amy Linder, in the mock drill.

In the drill, an actor portraying an active shooter/violent intruder entered through the main door of the Sanilac Medical Care Facility, moved to the parking lot between the facility and McKenzie Health System, and then entered through the Outpatient doors. The “shooter” was quickly stopped at the Nurse’s Station and all participants convened for a safety-focused debriefing. To facilitate a realistic emergency environment, the date and time of the drill weren’t released to staff or the public until that morning.

“I would like to thank every participant in this active shooter drill. Your involvement in planning, administering and debriefing helps to ensure that everyone is better prepared in the event of an emergency,” said Carrie Krampits, Safety Committee Member, McKenzie Health System. “I think everyone learned something and it gave us further opportunity to talk about ways to increase safety in our facilities, which is paramount to our success.”

As part of its overall safety efforts, McKenzie Health System regularly participates in various drills and exercises to help staff prepare for emergency situations. Throughout the year, the hospital, medical care facility and other local community organizations have participated in staff training based on ALICE, which stands for “Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate.”

Photo: Front Row (l to r): Todd Hillman, Sanilac County Emergency Manager; Carrie Krampits, Director of Human Resources, McKenzie Health System; Jennifer Stefaniak, Regional Asst. Coordinator, Region 3 Healthcare Coalition; Amy Lindner, Region 3 Healthcare Coalition.

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