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Learn more about Medicare and Advantage plans at October Lunch & Learn!

Louise Blasius, LMSW, LPC, Director of Human Services

Come to McKenzie Health System’s October 16 Lunch and Learn Workshop from Noon to 1 p.m. in the McKenzie Health System Dining Room, 120 Delaware St., Sandusky, and learn about the “Ins and Outs of Medicare & Advantage Plans” from Louise Blasius LMSW, LPC, Director of Human Services at McKenzie Health System. Lunch and Learn is a community education series held every third Wednesday of the month. The cost for the workshops is $5 and lunch is included in the price. Pre-registration is required by calling 810-648-6117 or emailing publicrelations@mckenziehealth.org.

“If you’re age 65 or older, you know how confusing Medicare and Advantage Plans can be. You’re deluged by information through the mail, on TV and through the internet”, shares Blasius. “People often ask me: ‘What’s important to know? What’s the difference between Medicare and Advantage Plans? What does each cover, and do I need both?’ Those are just a few of the questions that I will answer at the October 16 Lunch and Learn workshop. The information I give will also be helpful to caregivers of loved ones eligible for Medicare.”

The class will be presented in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, where questions are encouraged. “Plus,” Blasius shares, “class participants will have a delicious meal. What a great way to spend a lunchtime!”

“Because our dining room has limited seating, pre-registrations for the October 16 Lunch & Learn Workshop are required by calling 810-648-6117 or emailing publicrelations@mckenziehealth.org ,” reminds Blasius. “We encourage people to reserve their space as soon as possible, since we know this class will be popular. Come and find out all the ‘Ins and Outs of Medicare & Advantage Plans’!”

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