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“Fit Tips” Lunch and Learn Workshop coming on September 16!

Biessel CharleneMcKenzie Health System is pleased to welcome Charlene Biessel, Registered Dietician, as the featured speaker at the September Lunch and Learn workshop.   Biessel will present  “Fit Tips; Getting Started is Easier than You Think” at the workshop scheduled for Wednesday, September 16, 2015, from Noon to 1 p.m., in the McKenzie Health System Dining Room. Lunch and Learnis a community education series held every third Wednesday of the month.  The cost for the workshop is $5, and lunch is included in the price.  Pre-registration is required by calling Nina Barnett at 810-648-6127.

Photo:  Charlene Biessel, RD, McKenzie Health System

“Getting Fit may sound like a daunting task,” shared Louise Blasius, McKenzie Health System Social Worker and part of the Lunch and Learn Committee, “but it’s actually easier than you think.  The key is to break the overall goal of becoming more healthy into small, achievable steps.  Small steps add up to big changes, and Charlene Biessel will help audience members do that.”

Blasius continues, “For example, you may want to improve your diet.  Instead of completely revamping all your eating habits, you might want to do one small thing, such as drinking one more glass of water a day.  Or, perhaps you want to exercise more.  Instead of investing in expensive equipment, you may want to start by a taking a walk one day a week.  You’ll be surprised at how many options there are to improve your health that are easy and adaptable to your lifestyle!”

The class will be presented in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere, and in an interactive format.  “Plus,” Blasius reports, “class participants will have a delicious and nutritious meal.  What a great way to spend a lunchtime in the waning days of summer!”

Blasius continues, “Because our dining room has limited seating, pre-registrations are required by calling Nina Barnett at 810-648-6127.  We encourage people to reserve their space as soon as possible since this class is sure to be popular!  We hope to see you there!”

For more information or to register, call Nina Barnett at McKenzie Health System, 810-648-6127.

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