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Jeffrey S. Milewski, DO, FAOCO

Otolaryngology Surgeon Jeffery S. Milewski, DO, FAOCO, cares for patients at McKenzie ENT in Sandusky, Michigan.

McKenzie ENT - Jeffery S. Milewski, DO, FAOCO

Jeffery S. Milewski, DO, FAOCO
Otolaryngology Surgeon

McKenzie ENT
McKenzie Health Plaza
115 Delaware Street
Sandusky, MI 48471

Phone: 810-648-6115, ext. 115
Fax: 810-648-2334

Schedule: Available one day a week every other week.

Services include:

• Treatment of ear, nose and throat disorders
• Treatment of sinus disorders
• Septoplasty
• Ear tubes
• Tonsil and adenoid surgery
• Hearing evaluation and more

Common problems treated:

• Trouble swallowing
• Ear infections
• Sinus problems
• Tongue/oral lesions
• Dizziness
• Hearing impairments

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