Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics classes can range in intensity and vary based on purpose.  Are you taking these classes to lose weight or to recover from an injury?  Are you trying to tone your muscles or looking for a cardiovascular workout?  Below are descriptions of the types of Aqua classes offered by McKenzie Health System.  For additional information or to register for classes, please call 810-648-6127 or download the most recent Fitness Class Schedule for dates and times of available classes.

Early Birds: A medium to high intensity workout that combines cardio, strengthening, and stretching.

Arthritis Friendly: This session is specially designed for those with arthritis (though anyone is welcome).  Using bands, boards, belts, and noodles, this fun aquatic workout helps improve flexibility from head to toe and boosts stamina, endurance and muscle toning.

Deep Water Warriors: This high-intensity deep water workout uses stretching, belts, weights, and noodles to provide a complete workout full of cardio.  If you need a challenge to improve muscle toning, this class is for you! Workouts are allowed in shallow water also.

Aqua Athletics: Ideal for arthritis and fibromyalgia disorders, this can improve your range of motion, flexibility, and strength in the aquatic class, which uses boards, belts, and noodles. This low-moderate intensity class combines cardiovascular training, stretching and strengthening exercises for an effective aqua workout.

Water Walkers: This moderate-high intensity class focuses on flexibility and agility. The Water Walkers class provides slow walking exercises designed to increase range of motion and maintain an active daily living lifestyle. This class is also arthritis friendly.

Run, Jump, Splash: A medium-high intensity aquatic workout that will strengthen your core and increase your stamina by running, jumping, and even boxing all in the water! This class is perfect if you need a challenge providing all around muscle shaping.

Evening Energizers: This class uses various equipment in challenging, high-intensity workouts. This fun, highly energized class provides a great cardiovascular workout, complete with toning and stretching.