Aqua Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics classes can range in intensity and vary based on purpose.  Are you taking these classes to lose weight or to recover from an injury?  Are you trying to tone your muscles or looking for a cardiovascular workout?  Below are descriptions of the three types of Aqua classes offered by McKenzie Health System.  For additional information or to register for classes, please call 810-648-6127 or download the most recent Wellness Brochure for dates and times of available classes.

Aqua Basic:  This 45 minute medium to high intensity class is a combination of cardiovascular training, muscle strengthening, and stretching.  During calendar sessions, classes are available Monday through Friday; 6am, 7am, 1:30pm, 5:00pm and 6:00 pm.

Aqua Therapy:  Flexibility and cardiovascular training with light to medium intensity.  Leisure training for Fybromyalgia, Arthritis, knee and or hip replacements.  During calendar sessions, classes are offered Tuesday and Thursday; 8:15am, 10:30am and 12:00noon.  Classes last 45 minutes.

Aqua Deep Water Boot Camp:  A 45 minute class consisting of intervals of jumps, running, plyometrics in the water.  This is a very challenging class!  Offered Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am.