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April 19 Lunch and Learn Workshop

Mark Hamed, MD

Mark Hamed, MD, MBA, MPH
Medical Director

McKenzie Health System is pleased to present Mark Hamed, MD, MBA, MPH, Medical Director of the McKenzie Departments of Emergency and Hospitalist Medicine as the featured speaker at the April Lunch and Learn workshop, scheduled for Wednesday, April 19, 2017, from Noon to 1 p.m., in the McKenzie Health System Back Dining Room. Lunch and Learn is a community education series held every third Wednesday of the month.  The cost for the workshop is $5 and lunch is included in the price.  Pre-registration is required by calling Nina Barnett at 810-648-6127 or emailing nbarnett@mckenziehealth.org.

“McKenzie Health System provides hospitalists as another way to enhance patient care,”  reports Louise Blasius, LMSW, LPC, Director of Human Services at McKenzie Health System.  “A hospitalist is a doctor whose primary focus is taking care of hospitalized patients.  They work entirely in the hospital to coordinate patient care during their hospital stay.”

“There are several benefits to hospitalist care,” explains Dr. Hamed.  “For instance, because the hospitalist is located right in the hospital, he or she is there 24 hours a day/seven days a week, making them available to respond quickly to patient needs.  They are also more readily available for family members to talk to.  Patients and family members no longer have to wait until their primary doctor makes rounds to receive information about the patient’s care.  At the Lunch & Learn Workshop on April 19, I’ll help attendees understand what they can expect from their hospitalist and how they work with the patient’s primary doctor to assure a smooth transition from hospital to home.”

“Please join us for this informative class,” urges Blasius.  “As always, the information will be provided in a relaxed, personal atmosphere and questions will be welcomed.  Our dining room has limited seating, so pre-registrations are required by calling Nina Barnett at 810-648-6127 or emailing nbarnett@mckenziehealth.org.  We encourage people to reserve their space as soon as possible.  We hope to see you there!”

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